Updated: January 2024

What’s New?

It has been awhile since I have given an update of what I have been up to recently. It has been alot obviously. 😃 Back in June 2023 I got a new job as an IT Manager for a local company that has kept me pretty busy. I hit the ground running picking up putting into place all their MSP products for their clients and getting all that sorted out. That was quite an undertaking. I am just now getting to a place where we are rolling normally.

Then at the beginning of this month, I started back up in college and transferred to the University of Phoenix online. I changed my major to IT instead of Computer Science. I feel that this will align better with my current career and my future.

We (Cliff and I), lauched our AllThingsTech merch store that features all sort clothing and items that feature our Mastodon server logo for everyone to purchase and rep. You can find our store at https://store.allthingstech.social/. Proceeds go directly to help fund the server expenses.

Apps I’m Using

  • Mail: Mail.app (personal email), Outlook (work email)
  • Messaging: Messages.app, Discord, Matrix, Signal
  • Social Media: Ice Cubes, Mona, Ivory, Memmuy, Instagram, Pixelfed
  • Password Management: Bitwarden
  • Two-Factor Authentication: 2FAs
  • Cloud Storage: iCloud, OneDrive
  • Search Engine: Duck Duck Go
  • Note keeping: Notes.app, Notion
  • Browser: Firefox (main), Safari, Brave
  • Music: Music.app
  • Mental Health/Health/Fitness: Daily One, Finch, Zenitizer, Health.app, Fitness.app, AutoSleep, Waterllama, Aura
  • Reading: Books.app, News.app, NetNewsWire, Feedbin, Flipboard
  • Weather: CARROT, MyRadar
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, Xcode
  • Photo Management: Photos.app, Pixelmator Pro

I think that sum’s it up for this update of What I’m Up To Right Now. Until next time, cheers 🍻.

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