If you found this page, it means you might be interested in partnering on a collaboration with me on my social media platforms. This is great and I appreciate you taking the time to read this page! This page will include the links to my Media Kit, logos, and social media platforms.

Media Kit


This media kit includes a short about me, brands I’ve worked with, and some branding guidelines I try to follow. My media kit can be downloaded here!


I have two logos that I use. One is a coffe cup in front of a background of developer symbols, the other is a Memoji of me with a laptop. I use these logos on my social media platforms and on my website.


The following social media links are ordered from the most used to the least used. I try to post at least twice a week on Instagram and am starting my Twitch/YouTube channels with the plan on going live once a week. TikTok I am not that active on, but I will improve on that.