This page is used to list all the gear I use on a regular basis. I’ve been asked a lot about what I use, so I figured I’d put it all in one place. I’ll try to keep this page updated as I can.

💰 The links below are referral links which means I’ll get either store credit or money from you using the links. I appreciate you using them!

Some of the items below have been gifted to me but that doesn’t change my opinion of them. I only recommend products that I use and love.

🏠 Home Office Setup


While I do not have a standing desk…yet, I do have a desk that isn’t too bad and that fits my needs.

Computer Desk -

🖥️ Computers and Desktop Setup

I actually run 2 computers throughout the day, 1 Mac mini for development and daily use, and 1 MacBook Pro 14” for development, content creation, video editing, and etc. for when I am on the go or not wanting to be at my desk.

MacBook Pro 16” M1 Pro - - My untethered and somtimes tethered best that I can take anywhere and do anything on. I love this thing!

Mac mini (2018) - - This is still the Intel version but I am planning on getting an M1 or M2 version soon. I still use this as my main computer for development and other things. I does struggle a bit with some of the more intensive tasks but it still gets the job done.

TCL 32” HD Roku TV - - I use this as the main monitor for my Mac mini. I also use it as a secondary monitor for my MacBook Pro when I am at my desk.

Dell 23” IPS LED FHD Monitor - - I use this as the secondary monitor for my Mac mini. It is also used as a tertiary monitor for my MacBook Pro when I am at my desk.

USB-C Hub -

Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard - - I love this keyboard. It’s small, compact, and works great with my Mac mini. I also use it with my iPad Pro when I am on the go.

🎙️ Audio Setup

JLab Talk Go USB Microphone - - This is the mic that I use for my videos, etc. It’s a great mic for the price. I plan on getting an arm for it soon.

📸 Webcam

Angetube 1080P Streaming Webcam - - This is the webcam that I use for my videos, etc. It’s a great webcam for the price.

📱 Mobile Setup

iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB - - This is my main phone that I use for everything.

iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 - - This is my main tablet that I use for everything from storyboarding, taking notes, watching movies/tv shows, to reading. I pretty much don’t leave home without it.