What’s New?

WOW! Has it really been since January since I’ve given y’all an update? I guess that’s what happens when you start back to college and get swept up in it.

This term, I am finally in a coding class. It is Phyton, and so far, I am having fun. Want to keep up with what I’m working on in the class? Follow my GitHub repository here. For our project in the class, we have to build a text-based game of our own design. Any ideas would be appreciated. 😉

Since going back to school, I treated myself to the new 2021 MacBook Pro 14”. I love this thing! It has been a blast to use so far, and the performance and battery are phenomenal. And no, the notch does not bother me. In fact, I barely even recognize it anymore.

Apps I’m Using

Taio - Taio is a beautiful markdown editor. On top of that, you can supercharge your text with workflows similar to the Shortcuts app. It even integrates with various apps such as Shortcuts and Working Copy.

DoMarks - Created by a friend of mine, DoMarks turns any bookmark you have into a to-do item. You can add categories, tags, and notes to them. When you’re done, just check them off.

Numble - It’s like Wordle but with numbers. I saw this on Twitter and have been hooked ever since.

Books I’m Reading

Book reading has been shelved (pun intended).

What I’m Watching

One Chicago Universe - I know I am a little late to the party on this one. I am starting to watch the 3 Chicago shows (Chicago Fire, Med, and P.D.). One thing I am going to do, though, is watch them in chronological order.

Endgame - This show looks pretty good but reminds me a little of The Blacklist. I am eager to see how this show progresses.

Suspicion - Apple TV+ has really started to make some exciting originals. The way Suspicion is getting interesting keeps me glued to it, and I don’t like having to wait each week for another episode.

Severence - Another Apple TV+ original, this one is a little weird. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it, though.

Hobbies I’m Active With

Right now I am really hobby-ing my skills in development. Working on developing them and making them stronger. Tech will always be my hobby also. So keeping up with the latest and greatest in tech is always a hobby of mine.

I think that sum’s it up for this update of What I’m Up To Right Now. Until next time, cheers 🍻.