What’s New?

Things have been really crazy lately I haven’t been able to update my now page like I would like to. I recently went through an entire rebrand of my personal brand and I’m now done with it. I have decided to go a different direction on my social media accounts and am going to be using them to promote my new brand and more software engineering/development stuff. I have also revamped my donation pages to better reflect my new brand. These donation pages even come with membership options with perks for each tier.

During this rebrand, I created a new “portal” into my “world” so to say. It includes things like:

  • Links to my GitHub, social media profiles, website, my calendar to schedule a meeting with me, and my newsletter.
  • My coding playlist via Apple Music.
  • All the ways to support me and my work.

I have quite a few projects in my mind right now that I am going to be working on (both new and updates to current). I am also working on a new secret app that I think you all will like. Stay tuned for that…

Apps I’m Using

I haven’t really been using any new apps lately. Here are some of the ones I am using:

Notion - I have recently transfered pretty much my entire life into Notion. It is by far the best note taking app I have ever used and it is a great way to organize my life.

DoMarks - I am still using and absolutely enjoy using DoMarks. Being able to have a to-do list for bookmarks is a great way to keep track of things that I want to do, etc.

I think that sum’s it up for this update of What I’m Up To Right Now. Until next time, cheers 🍻.