What’s New?

Finally getting around to updating y’all on what I have been doing. I have been pretty busy with work and life in general. I have been working few chages to my site here that are now live and you should be seeing. Let’s see if you can spot them. 😃 I am also working on a new SwiftUI that will be available for both iOS, iPadOS, and Mac. I am pretty exicted about it. I will be sharing more information and updates about it on my Mastodon account so be sure to follow me there.

I have also been working on a revamp of my personal brand. I have been working on a couple of new logos/icons that I will be using across all of my social media accounts, etc. I am pretty excited about it. I will have a press kit available soon that will have these logos/icons. Be on the lookout here for that soon. I have also moved way from using About.me and am now using Bento for the place to list all my social accounts, etc. Check it out!

Apps I’m Using

Ivory from Tapbots - Ever since I packed up and left Twitter behind, I have been having a blast on Mastodon. One thing I found out early though in the web interface leaves a lot to be desired. I hate it! I quickly started looking for apps that would allow me to use Mastodon on my iPhone. I found a few, and some of them are really good. I then found Ivory from Tapbots (you know, the makers of Tweetbot). I was a faithful user of Tweetbot so it just seemed right to download it. I have been using it for a few months now and I love it. It is a great app and I highly recommend it. There’s even a Mac version of it too though right now it is in beta.

CouchPal - I came across this app on Mastodon and have fallen in love with it! Mostly in part because the developer has added the feature of logging into your Mastodon account/instance and allowing you to be able to automatically post your watch history to your Mastodon account. Trakt currently doesn’t have that, yet they are working on implementing this but I am impatient. CouchPal is also a wonderfully designed app and I am also working with the developer on polishing up and adding features to the app. You should give the app a try. There’s also a TestFlight beta if you want to join. You can find that here.

I think that sum’s it up for this update of What I’m Up To Right Now. Until next time, cheers 🍻.