I have always been a massive fan of Apple devices. The quality of the devices is something to be amazed by. If only someone would frame them so people could hang them up for decor. This is precisely what Grid Studio has done!

Grid Studio creates incredible, framed wall decorations consisting of Apple devices (and others too - like Gameboys and Samsungs) for us to admire. They put the device in the frame and break it down component by component, including labeling each one. Being able to see the insides of the device shows their beauty. Grid Studio also breaks down the dimensions of each element to add some “flair” to it.

Grid Studio was generous enough to send me a couple of devices for this review. Grid Studio sent me the iPhone 4S and Apple Watch Series 1. Both of these devices were remarkable when they debuted. I can still remember getting each device for the first time. The iPhone 4S was the 3rd iPhone I owned, and the Series 1 Apple Watch was the first-ever smartwatch I had. Seeing these devices framed brought back so much nostalgia.


One thing is sure, Grid Studio considered every possible detail of each device and elegantly framed it all for lasting display. If you are an Apple fan and want to grab a piece of technological history or like to gift it to someone, Grid Studio is the best solution by far.

Where can I purchase?

You can go to their website [Affiliate Link] and browse all the devices available. Some of those available are the iPhone X, OG iPhone SE, iPhone 5, and more. The prices of each vary. They do run sales from time to time (one is coming up near the end of this month), so be sure to check often.