I created my first script for the Scriptable app. I had fun creating this script. I really created this script for personal use but thought other people could use it or find it useful so I decided to make it available and open-source.

Let’s dive in…

So the script uses the WakaTime API and grabs the users data for the last 7 days in JSON format. The data that is pulled to be displayed is:

  • Categories
  • Editors
  • Languages
  • Daily Average Coding Time
  • Total Coding Time
  • Operating Systems

The data is them organized within the medium-sized iOS widget. Scriptable will refresh the widget at a normal refresh interval but if you would like to refresh it differently, you can setup automations with Shortcuts.

WakaStats Scriptable Widget

How to Download

As mentioned above, I have made the script open-source. It is available is on my GitHub account here. There will find instructions on how to download and what you need to chage in the script for it to work.

What’s Next

The next Scriptable script I am working on is one for RescueTime. This one will be more in-depth design wise and will use the large sized widget.