If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I am starting my journey in developing for the Apple Ecosystem. It has been something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but have just either not had the time, or just been to lazy to take out the time. Probably the later. 😂

So to start I began looking online for various resources and groups to join to help me and allow me to ask questions along the way. I have found one really nice resource and a few groups I have joined.

Hacking with Swift

Hacking with Swift is a resource website created by Paul Hudson. He has various free courses to help you learn Swift and SwiftUI. To take it even farther, he offers a paid Hacking with Swift+ subscription with tons of material.

100 Days of Swift - What to Expect

100 Days of SwiftUI - What to Expect

LinkedIn Groups

Here are the Linkedin groups that I found during my search that I think are going to be of tremendous help.


I also decided to join some subreddits, becuase why not? There’s some good questions being asked in them.

Let’s connect to help each other!

Development is all about enjoying the process and work that you have completed. Helping others reach that can make things possible. Follow me at the following places so we can bounce ideas/questions off of each other.