Hello friends! Kyle here. You may be thinking, another rebrand?! I know, sorry. I have decided that software development and coding in general isn’t my main passion. Of course it will always be a passion of mine and I am not leaving that community but it will be taking on more of a hobby role moving forward.

The Rebrand

As I was giving thought to what my true passion was, I got the opportunity to become an IT Manager for a local company. As I was working at the company, getting into the Managed Services industry and really digging myself into the ins and outs of the IT, Cybersecurity, RMM, and Networking community, rekindled my passion.

Since then I have also change my major in college to IT from Computer Science to further that passion and continue to garner my knowledge in that area. So, as a compliment of that, I felt that as I kept writing, I need to rebrand my site to keep the theme so as to not confuse people. I didn’t want to start writing articles, reviews, etc. about things related to IT on a site that was geared towards Software Engineering/Development. So, with that, I decided to rebrand.

Kyle’s Tech Korner

Welcome to Kyle’s Tech Korner! Kyle’s Tech Korner will be dedicated to articles, reviews, experiences, etc. around tech, cybersecurity, infosec, managed services, and more. As I continue my career through this industry, I want to have a place to not only write about my experiences but also hope to help others.

I know that this rebrand will cause some of my followers to leave since the focus of my site has changed. I hope that some of you will continue to find my articles, etc. appealing to stay. If not though, I understand. If you have friends that will benefit from my new shift, I would appreciate if you let them know about my site.

Thanks, Kyle