I have always had a hard time keeping up with habits. I have even tried various apps to help me but they were just not working out for me. So I did as anyone would do, I went on the hunt for another one.

Luckily I found this app called Forte from a one of my friends on Twitter, Collin Daugherty. This app fits all my needs and plus, it looks just beautiful.

What is Forte?

What sets this habit tracker apart from all the others out there is, it doesn’t punish you for having a “bad” day. Forte doesn’t do streaks. Their motto is, “Build Habits, Not Streaks.” When you have a habt tracker app that works on streaks, you build up those streaks to just one day having them return to zero because you didn’t do your habit. ICK! Forte, uses a custom algorithm that it runs your habits through and presents your score based on performance. Your score won’t go down just by missing a day. YAY!


Forte is full of features.

  • Habit tracking multiple times in a day (up to 100 times)
  • Unlockable achievements (make progress on your habits and earn achievements)
  • WIDGETS (keep track of your habits straight from your homescreen)
  • Privacy lock (keep your habits away from others) - uses TouchID or FaceID

The free version of the app is limited to tracking 4 habits. After that, you will need to purchase Forte Premium.

Premium Features

  • Track umlimited amount of habits
  • Customize the app icon and app accent color

Collin has really built an amazing app in Forte and it shows. If you are looking for a better habit tracker, I cannot recommend Forte enough.

Download it here and give it a go!